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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Learning how to write a cause and effect essay should be perfected by students since it is one of the more common essay-writing assignment they will need to complete. In order to effectively learn how to write a cause and effect essay, students will need to perfect the essay structure. The structure of a cause and effect essay will include an introduction, the main body and conclusion. The cause and its effects will be the focus when learning to write a cause and effect essay and students can either focus on a single cause and effect or several causes and effects of a single occurrence, depending on the length of the essay.
Some common topics for cause and effect essays are:

When students are learning how to write cause and effect essay by analysing a text, they should provide substantial evidence from the text to prove their arguments. Even when they select general topics for their cause and effect essays, students should refer to credible sources to present the causes and their effects.

Introduction of a cause and effect essay

The introduction of the cause and effect essay will ideally be about one paragraph for an essay of 1 page and about 2 paragraphs for an essay, 2 pages in length. The introduction will introduce the reader to the main theme of discussion with a thesis statement which identified the primary chain of causes and the resultant effects. The main theme which students should bear in mind when learning how to write a cause and effect essay is to analyse a particular situation or occurrence by studying its causes and the effects which result from this cause. 


The ideal length of the body of a cause and effect essay will be 3 paragraphs for a 1-page essay and about 6 paragraphs for a 2-page essay. The topic sentences of the body paragraphs of your cause and effect essay should be well connected to the thesis for your cause and effect essay and must relate to it closely. Students should explicate the different links between the causes and effects by either starting with the cause by stating its effects or alternately linking the effects back to the causes. Each and every effect should be discussed in detail and the path should be traced to the cause of the effect.
Students should link the essay with the use of transition statements and make the essay flow with ease rather than simply providing facts and evidence. All causes and effects should be stated in a clear manner, preferably in the chronological order.


Learning how to write a cause and effect essay conclusion also depends on the length of the essay. Length of the concluding paragraph will be the same as the introductory paragraph which is determined by the length of the entire essay. The thesis statement should be reiterated in the conclusion following which students should provide their opinion about the link between causes and their good or bad effects. Students should also state the destructive effects of the causes and how alterations are caused due to bad effects.

When students finally learn how to write a cause and effect essay, it will be clear to them that they do not simply have to summarise the information available to them, rather they should state their ideas in such a way that the problem can be solved in an effective and practical manner. A cause and effect essay should be presented objectively without any subjectivity.

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